What We Do?

Forte Redux has successfully helped thousands of companies and individuals in Europe, North America and worldwide to reclaim stolen money and property from cyber criminals and con artists.
Investigate Fraud

We investigate cases of financial fraud on behalf of individuals, companies and governments. We leverage our know-how and connections to identify cybercriminals with the aim to recover financial assets, shut down the fraud activity and seek prosecution.

Recover Assets

Once we have identified the masterminds of a scam, we will design a strategy to compel them to return the funds either voluntarily or involuntarily. As most scams happen online and from offshore locations, we may involve local law enforcement, lawyers and consultants.

Prevent Fraud

With all of our expertise we have acquired in fraud investigation and cybersecurity we consult businesses on how to protect their firm and their employees from becoming victims of various types of cybercrime. We believe defence is the best form of offence against cybercriminals.

What is a Cybersecurity Firm?

Cybersecurity firms provide a range of IT and digital security services. Cybersecurity firms like Forte Redux protect many types of devices, networks, equipment and applications. Any instrument that is used to store or transmit electronic data falls under the category of cybersecurity. Our clients can outsource security responsibilities to us, seek advice during a time of crisis or ask us to test their existing security procedures, We defend computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. As well as preventing attacks, we can also investigate security breaches with an aim to identify the attackers.
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Investment Scam Watchlist

Follow our investment fraud warning list to stay up to date on the latest Binary Options and other investment scams.

asset recovery specialist, About Us, Forte Redux

What is an Asset Recovery Specialist?

Forte Redux investigates various types of fraud in a similar way to a law enforcement agency like the FBI or SEC would do. Government law enforcement has other priorities besides recovering financial assets. When law enforcement agencies are able to recover assets from the proceeds of crime, typically they end up being seized as evidence and not returned for years, if at all. The main difference is our first priority is to recover stolen assets for our clients and return them to the rightful owner. We cooperate with law enforcement and make sure not to interfere with active investigations. Once we have recovered your assets, we hand over our evidence to the relevant authorities.

Our Services

Forte Redux specializes in investment fraud and various form on online scams.
Binary Options Fraud Recovery

We identify and track down offshore and unregulated Binary Options platform operators to recover our client's stolen funds.

Romance Scam Investigation

We identify and track down offshore and unregulated Binary Options platform operators to recover our client's stolen funds.

Investment Fraud Investigation

We help individuals and corporations large and small to recover their losses from all manner of investment scams.

Work with the Best

Forte Redux only employs the best and brightest in their respective field. We attribute much of our success to our colleagues, the broad range of expertise within the team, solid leadership and the objective of helping people.

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Core Competencies

  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • Corporate & Civil Law
  • Banking, Securities and Finance
  • Auditing and Accounting