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Who Are We?

We are a private asset recovery company based in US, with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

What Is Our Mission?

To provide consumers with a proven way to fight back to recover their money after being scammed, lied to or had their information compromised.

What Do We Do?

We are financial advisers who know how charge backs and wire recalls work and how to make sure your request for one will be presented effectively and professionally in order to maximize your chances to get your money back.

How Does The Process Work?

The process begins with a simple consultation, typically conducted by one of our paralegals. This will be followed by an intelligence gathering period, where we will work with investigators and attorneys to uncover the inner workings of these companies. At the same time, documentation will be gathered to build your case. Next, a plan of action will be formulated and presented to you. If you agree upon this strategy, the case will be pursued, hopefully leading to the recovery of your funds. Step A – Accumulation of all documents and correspondences, preparation of the case; investigation of the “companies” the owners, shareholder, managers and accounts; Legal opinion concluding with its implementation. Step B – Writing and deliverance of demand letters, phone calls and negotiations with the entities without any limitations. Step C – Transfer proposal to client, settlement agreement.

Can You Tell Me How Long My Case Will Take?

Because each case is different, no exact length can be ascertained before the casework commences. The process of building a case takes a considerable amount of time; this timeline takes into account communication between your legal representatives and the third-parties with whom we engage. We will communicate to you every time a document is delivered and endeavor to keep you informed of your case’s progress as it develops.

What Do You Think My Chances Of Receiving A Chargeback Really Are?

After a thorough review of your case we will give you our professional analysis of your chances of success. Each case we accept has unique characteristics and requires slightly different strategies necessary to recover your funds. Please contact us to review your case.

Is It Possible To Obtain A Chargeback Even Though I Authorized The Payment?

Yes, if the payment you authorized was for a specified service that wasn’t provided.