Investment Fraud & Investment Scams

Forte Redux specializes in the investigation of complex investment frauds and financial crime. Whether you are considering an investment or have been deceived into making an investment we have the resources to ‘dig deep’ to ascertain whether the opportunity is sound or to accrue evidence to support litigation. Forte Redux has investigated major multi-billion-dollar international frauds. We have coordinated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Attorney’s Office, UK Action Fraud police and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Once we have located your funds we can also recover them for you.

Investment Fraud – Recovering Lost Assets

If you have lost assets due to a fake investment, we can help.In addition to investment fraud investigation, we provide comprehensive asset searches to assist clients in identifying accounts and recovering funds to enforce civil judgments. Working on behalf of corporate entities, legal firms and high net-worth individuals we gather facts relating to high stake legal action or fraud.
We are a highly experienced global team with forensic, legal, financial and intelligence backgrounds and go as far as tracking down, vetting and interviewing witnesses to support legal cases.We have located and recovered a total assets of more than $300 million.

Investment Fraud Investigations

Fraudsters use sophisticated methods to entice investors. Our investigations uncover:

  • Fake investments
  • Fake identities and companies
  • Associates with links to criminal or fraudulent activities
  • Previous involvement in bribery, corruption or fraud
  • Fake bank accounts and proof of funds
  • Methods of transferring money notably used by criminals to launder money
  • Documents containing suspicious methods of agreement
  • Fake websites and social media channels.

Internet Fraud and Financial Cybercrime Investigation

Forte Redux conducts investigations of cybercrime and internet fraud. We have successfully investigated online fraud schemes and their perpetrators in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.
We also conduct investigations of internet-based security breaches, payment fraud, industrial espionage and related exploits.
Our team of certified experts in fraud investigation and digital forensics are recognized as industry leaders in fighting online crime and have been featured in today’s cyber security articles and Magazine.