Cryptocurrency, Altcoin and ICO Fraud Investigation

The rising popularity of cryptocurrency speculation comes with increased risks for investors. Complaints of investment fraud and price manipulation in digital currency markets have risen sharply.

Forte Redux conducts cryptocurrency fraud investigations for investors, corporations and law firms. Our investigators are experienced in exposing financial cybercrimes and international fraud schemes.

Digital currencies have become a preferred method for criminals to launder proceeds of their illicit activities, and have been used for tax evasion, extortion and drug trafficking. Alternative cryptocoins offering anonymous transactions and zero-proof technology make it increasingly difficult, but not necessarily impossible, for investigators to trace the flow of funds.

Hackers have emptied digital wallets – and company coffers – by exploiting security lapses in cryptocurrency exchanges, startups and initial coin offerings. Phishing attacks are frequently used to gain unauthorized access to administrative passwords and private keys. More than 10 percent of ICO proceeds – around $1.5 million per month – are reportedly lost as a result of attacks by hackers.

By combining digital forensics with traditional investigative techniques – and our experience fighting online crime and investment fraud – we deliver clear results in the most complex and challenging cases.