An Overview of the Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams

    Cryptocurrency scams

    So far in 2020, cryptocurrency scams, thefts, hacks, and frauds netted criminals $1.4 billion in just five months.  If you are a Bitcoin investor, blockchain advocate or involved in decentralized finance in some other way, you most likely are aware that many cryptocurrency scams are threatening the community. However, Bitcoin and many other digital assets are a new and unfamiliar concept to many. As digital assets grow in popularity, curious people start to get involved. […]

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    Gold Scams are on the Rise

    Gold Scams

    Gold scams and investor complaints are on the rise as the demand for online gold investing has surged in light of the impending economic downfall. During any economic crisis, gold, silver and other precious metals have historically been the go-to safe-haven assets that investors flock towards during times of uncertainty. Many reasons make gold and other precious metals so attractive in a time of crisis. In this article, we shall explore why the demand for […]

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    Facebook Scams are in Overdrive

    Facebook scams

    Facebook scams have been in overdrive during COVID-19 lockdown. Have you been spending more time at home than ever before? Many governments have requested or required citizens to shelter in place until the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic blows over. Since your favourite pizza place, salon or coffee shop is also closed. Maybe you’ve been thinking about working on the new you. You’re not alone, and the scammers and con artists know it. Facebook scams […]

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    Have Forex Traders Lost Billions of Dollars Due to Forex Fraud?

    forex fraud asset recovery

    Forex and CFD traders potentially lost over $1 billion trading the markets during COVID-19 lockdown Financial regulators have been warning forex traders and retail investors about market volatility and various scams amidst the coronavirus pandemic. There is a real possibility that you have been a victim of foul play without even noticing. Massive volatility has easily hidden the deception of forex brokers in plain sight.  How global markets reacted to COVID-19 The Coronavirus pandemic emerged […]

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